Live a lifestyle of simple health

For a healthier, happier you
Discover how to move and live in a way that allows the body to self heal by design.
Working out is great. We can lift a few weights, do some stretches, run everyday, and that all helps us to be healthy. Right? 
Not exactly. 
Blueprint Living dives deep to discover how we were made to move and the truth about being healthy.
Discover a totally different way to health by design.


What's Included

Blueprint Living shares Bible-based tools and resources to keep living His way everyday simple.

Move His Way Classes

Christ-centered devotional exercise video classes designed to begin your day in alignment - spiritually and physically

MHW Workouts & Blueprints

Exercise blueprints to use as a guide + targeted workouts (aka DIY rehab) to zero in on the spots that give you trouble. To truly move His way.

Heal His Way

Simple natural remedies using the principles of health from the Bible for true healing ... His way

Want to know more?

Here's a preview of the Made to Move His Way devotional exercise classes