4 Simple Wardrobe Hacks to Boost your Immune System

I used to look for natural remedies to boost my immune system. Vitamins, herbs, whole foods …


Not that I’m against those things, but I was overlooking one very important immune-booster. What I was wearing!


It’s true!


What we wear impacts our health.

After all, clothing is nearly always on our bodies. But did you ever think that the clothing you wear or are buying for your children can mean the difference between health and illness? Yet this simple fix to boost your immune system right now is so little known.


Grandma was right!

You’ve probably heard your grandmother say, “Be careful not to get chilled or you’ll catch your death.”
While it’s not the chilliness itself that is making us ill, it is, in fact, lowering our immunity.


For our immune system to function well, our bodies must maintain a constant temperature of around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, though slight variability is normal. When we have an infection, an injury, our body ramps up it’s heat to fight off the intruders.


If our bodies are in a constant state of being slightly chilled, whether we “feel” cold or not, our immunity is weaker than it should be.


We leave ourselves open to disease by not staying warm enough.

If you want to stay healthy, it’s time to take a more serious look at your closet.

Here are a few simple wardrobe hacks to boost your immunity …

1. Cover your arms and legs

The legs are most susceptible to being chilled as they are farther away from your body. Keep them covered to balance your body temperature. Arms are not as easily chilled but be mindful of chilling there as well.


2. Don’t overdress the torso

Keep clothing layers even. While the legs get chilled the easiest, the trunk naturally holds the most heat. To avoid overheating, never have more layers on the trunk than the legs.


3. Dress in natural fibers

For the best skin breathability and ability to maintain it’s temperature, natural fibers such as silk, wool, cotton, and linen are best. And the most sustainable to boot!


4. Mind your feet

There’s a lot of hype about going barefoot. I’m not against barefoot when the weather is super warm, but just like the legs, the feet need to be kept as warm as the rest of your body for temperature control and even circulation.



Watch for signs of poor circulation

Mottled, blotchy skin is a sign of poor blood flow. Also, the skin should always be slightly warm to the touch -never cool. Fingernails should have a slightly pink appearance – not blanched and pale. You can also try the capillary nail refill test (click) to check your circulation.


Clothing has big impacts on your immune system. To boost your immune system most effectively, remember to choose your clothing wisely for health, not just for looks or function.


Happy healthy clothing hunting!

Modest clothing to boost immunity

I’m wearing a 100% cotton Old Navy shirt, 100% cotton Justice skirt (thrifted), and Minnetonka moccasin boots. It was a bit chilly and windy out, so I also have on a pair of 100% Merino wool Icebreaker leggings and L.L. Bean wool socks layered over plain cotton socks. (Affiliate links)

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