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Chair Series

Pelvic floor/core exercises using a chair

Breathing Well

Breathing for core/pelvic floor health

Doorway Series

Doorway exercises for pelvic floor/core

Floor Series

Floor exercises for pelvic floor/core

Hands & Knees Series

Pelvic floor/core exercises on all-fours

Hip/Thigh Series

Hip & thigh exercises that target the pelvic floor/core

Lifting Well

How to lift for pelvic floor/core health

Postural Principles

Posture pointers for pelvic floor/core health

Alignment Basics

How we were designed to move - God's way

MHW: Upright

In character, in body. His way.

8 Tips for a Pain-Free Ride

Postural alignment tweaks for your car

MHW: Feet on the Rock

Exercises for your foundation

MHW: With Her Hands

Virtuous woman hand exercises

MHW: A Broken Spirit Drieth up the Bones

Bone and spirit building exercises

MHW: Privilege of Prayer

Knee exercises to remind us of prayer

MHW: Wrestling With God (Hips)

Hip exercises to remind us of blessings through pain.

MHW: Made to Stand Straight

Core strength and spinal alignment

MHW: Eating God's Word

Exercises for digestive health

MHW: Even Balance

Finding physical and spiritual balance

MHW: With a Stiff Neck

Exercise for neck pain

MHW: Like a Tree

Exercises for the shoulders

MHW: Give You Rest Preview

Intro to rest as exercise

MHW: Give You Rest

Rest as exercise

MHW: In the Kitchen Preview

Intro to kitchen work as exercise

MHW: In the Kitchen

Kitchen work as exercise

MHW: Go Where God Leads

Exercise for car travel

MHW: Walking With God

Tips for a better walk

MHW: A Clean Heart

Exercises for heart health