Aquatic Workout

Exercise to do in the water
Aquatic exercise is an excellent way to take some pressure off your joints, improve circulation, and de-stress. Perfect for joint pain, chronic illness, or just as a fun way to keep healthy.

Move His Way

Calf raises
  • Stand in the water and raise up on your toes
  • Repeat 15 times
Hamstring Curl
  • Stand in the water and bend one knee up then the other as if doing a leg curl
  • Repeat 15 times on each side
Hip Lifts
  • Stand in the water and lift your leg to the side and lower it down
  • Repeat 15 times
  • Then lift leg behind you 15 times, tapping your toe behind you
  • Repeat on the other side or alternate legs as you go
  • Stand in the water and squat, pretending you are sitting down in a chair
  • Keep feet straight, point tailbone out, ribs down, and knees in line (directly over) with ankles
  • Repeat 15 times
Wall Push-ups
  • Place hands on the side of the pool lean forward
  • Bend and straighten elbows for a push-up
  • Keep elbows tucked in and hands flat
  • Repeat 15 times
  • Move your feet closer to make it easier and farther away for a greater challenge
  • Stand in good alignment (feet forward, ribs down, pelvis over ankles)
  • Step to the side slowly, maintaining good alignment
  • Repeat across the width of the shallow end and back
  • Do 5+ laps


Tricep Presses
  • Using the step of the pool, stand with your back to the step and place your hands on it
  • Lower yourself down, bending your elbows
  • Then lift again
  • Keep the fronts of your elbows facing forward, feet straight and knees pelvic-width apart
  • Repeat 15 times
Push-up Chest Opener
  • Keeping the same position as the wall push-up, do a push-up
  • Come up and turn your upper body to the side, open your chest by reaching one arm to the side and turn your body with your arm
  • Come back to push up position
  • Do a push-up, then repeat the chest opener on the other side
  • Repeat 15 times on each side
Repeat the above exercise sequence 3 times

After the workout

Heal His Way

Hot/Cold Therapy
  • Use the hot tub and pool or shower to do 3 minutes of very warm water (as warm as you can stand it) followed by 30 seconds of cool water
  • Repeat 3-7 times going from hot to cold
  • End with cold
*Caution: Do not do Hot/Cold therapy if you have dizziness, blood pressure issues, heart issues, numbness/neuropathy, or temperature dysregulation problems



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