Why Rest is the Best Exercise You Need to Be Doing

“Come unto me all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

Sometimes God gives us seasons of rest. Did you know that even rest can be an exercise?
Sometimes we have seasons of rest by choice. Vacations. holidays. weekends. sleeping in.
Other times, we are given seasons of rest that we don’t necessarily enjoy such as illness, injury, a job loss, or just not knowing where God is leading.
Lately my life has been a season of rest not by choice. I have been going through an unidentified illness that takes me through cycles of feeling relatively normal to times of feeling completely fatigued, to feeling as if I’m having a heart attack, to being off balance, clumsy, and lightheaded, to being bedridden. When I wake up feeling good, it’s such a blessing. But it’s always in the back of my mind that another crash is coming so enjoy feeling good today.
Yet the Lord has made it clear that although I’m supposed to take care of my body and try to get well, I don’t just have to let life pass me by. He still has work for me to do even when my body is down.
And so we choose. Do we accept our seasons of rest with gratitude, taking each day according to the Lord’s timing? Or do we rush through life trying to get to the next big thing, hardly noticing our restful times?
Let’s savor the moments. Use rest for what it is. A time of peace. A recharge. Perhaps the calm before the storm. Or even better, the calm after the storm. Come what may, rest is important. Maybe even more so than the busy moments.
And even when it’s not a “restful” rest, such as those times of illness, trial, and being forced to be still because there is Just. No. Other. Option. Rest can be just the exercise needed to grow our faith, patience, and humility and to prepare our hearts for what is to come.
Sometimes we just need to lay down our burdens and take a breather. And cash in on the promise from the lips of Jesus Himself that all who come to Him and take His yoke upon them will find rest for their souls.
Breathe in. Breathe out.
Thank you, Lord.
And when we take time to intentionally rest, we can remember how God instituted rest at the beginning of time. Not as a punishment. Not as a forced “time out.” But as a reward. A “time in” with God. He knows that now more than ever we need to have seasons of rest. Daily, weekly. Sometimes even minute by minute.

Move His Way

Here are some ways to use rest as exercise.

Remember, you were made to move (and rest). His way.

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  • Helene

    I was all ready for such a busy day and my 8 year old broke her arm last night. Today will be a season of unexpected rest.

    • Angela

      Ah, so sorry for you and your daughter. Was it her dominant or non-dominant hand?

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